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    About Us

    Who We Are

    PrimeTech is a technology brand that produces accessible and innovative financial solutions with its expert team and advanced technological infrastructure.

    At PrimeTech, we provide our customers with scalable, data-driven, and secure financial solutions.

    PrimeTech stands as a symbol of innovation in the technology world, offering creative alternatives for Fintech solutions, cryptocurrencies, CFD, Blockchain, and more.

    While seamlessly adapting to the swiftly evolving demands of technology, our commitment lies in empowering our customers to become well-informed participants in the future Fintech ecosystem. PrimeTech evaluates customer feedback meticulously, offering tailored solutions by making accurate and strategic investments with its expert teams. We strengthen our position in the industry by expanding our technology-focused investments in line with the needs of the global economy.

    Our Mission

    We are a fast and efficient brand that prioritizes customer needs, producing lasting solutions to ensure customers are more aware of financial risks, adopting innovative technologies. We operate with a mission to accurately identify shortcomings in financial technology and contribute to the sector’s development through creative solutions.

    PrimeTech focuses on optimizing financial risk management through its innovative solutions. Leveraging risk algorithm technology and big data analytics, it minimizes institutions’ product, customer, and institutional risks, thus ensuring financial stability.

    Our Vision

    PrimeTech aims to be a significant contributor to digital transformation through intelligent technology investments. PrimeTech, aiming to attain a significant position in the industry with its effective solutions, continues its innovation efforts to ensure the sustainable benefits of its technological innovations within the sector.

    Guided by international quality standards, PrimeTech is making strides to strengthen and enhance these standards. PrimeTech’s expert teams, driven by the goal of elevating industry standards through R&D efforts, aim to contribute to the growth of the dynamic financial technology world with their skills and talents.


    Corporate Culture

    We aim to create an environment that values creative and free ideas, prioritizes employee feedback, and offers an open and development-focused employee experience, fostering a culture of learning.

    We have an energetic, young, and dynamic team capable of adapting to the rapidly changing demands of the technology world. We believe that at the core of building a strong brand lies quality and robust communication. We operate with an awareness of establishing effective and efficient dialogues.

    What we do?

    Our Solutions

    Auto Executor

    This project focuses on two main aspects. Firstly, ensuring the seamless transmission of trade operations from all financial markets, including crypto products conveyed according to different algorithms, to their respective channels. Secondly, it aims to optimize risk management. By utilizing risk algorithms, the goal is to enhance hedging, increase profitability, and optimize system infrastructure to ensure smooth order transmission.

    By instantly aggregating trade operations from all financial platforms, including crypto products, of financial institutions, it gathers a vast amount of data for analysis. Utilizing risk algorithms, it calculates risks, optimizes the institution’s risk through risk components, decision-making algorithms, and decision-making capabilities. This can be used to automate and enhance the operational risk process.

    Fast and Automatic Transactions:

    It rapidly analyzes trade orders coming from platforms, assesses the financial risk level, and automatically transmits orders to the relevant institutions swiftly and seamlessly by making decisions through risk algorithms.

    Big Data Analytics:

    Analyzing a large volume of orders transmitted from platforms can be challenging. Algorithms are utilized to analyze this data and create meaningful datasets. Through risk algorithms, the financial risk level of the institution can be determined.

    Decision-Making Process:

    Through decision-making algorithms based on calculated risk data, it minimizes risk and enhances profitability. It safeguards the institution from significant financial risks that may arise.

    Risk Management System

    This project is a software product designed for financial institutions to calculate the risks of trade operations conducted by individual and corporate customers in all financial markets, including crypto products, based on algorithms. It aims to compute the risks at the group, regional, and national levels, calculating net, realized, and unrealized gains and losses. It provides the ability to monitor customer and product-based risks in real-time along with sub-breakdowns using different algorithms. It also possesses functional features such as promptly alerting relevant services about risks as they occur.

    Gathering real-time orders from various platforms, it has the capability to analyze vast amounts of data, allowing the institution to track risks on product, customer, and institutional levels using risk algorithms. It enables user alerts during risky situations, identifies high-risk customers, and provides the ability to monitor loss-gain ratios in real-time.

    Risk Algorithms:

    It swiftly analyzes orders coming from platforms to assess the financial risk level. Through risk algorithms, it instantly calculates risks in the breakdowns specified by the institution, displaying real-time risk assessments. It presents net positions, profit, and loss situations in real-time in graphical and data format on a customer and product basis.

    Big Data Analytics:

    Analyzing a large volume of orders transmitted from platforms can be challenging. Algorithms are utilized to analyze this data and create meaningful datasets. Through risk algorithms, the financial risk level of the institution can be determined based on breakdowns.

    Visualization and Notifications:

    The calculated and filtered extensive data is instantly displayed on widgets and charts in user-specific segments as desired. Risk notifications are provided through communication channels based on the criteria defined by the institution.

    Logo Story

    Our Logo Story

    The Face of Codes:

    We’ve designed a characteristic logo that reflects the warm side of technology.

    We crafted the smiling face of technology, winking at us, by combining the foundational ‘1’ and ‘0’ alongside the initials of our brand, ‘P’ and ‘T.’ Altogether, our logo presents the innovative face of PrimeTech technology.

    The word ‘Prime’ in the logo emphasizes our goal of being at the top of the industry, while ‘Tech’ represents our innovative technology solutions.


    PrimeTech Bilişim A.Ş.

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